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Hello everyone. Welcome to Bandlocate if you are new here. For the returning visitors, members and stalker… well, everything is wiped out clean, as clean as a baby’s ass after a Diaper change. I had a big vision of changing the USA, kind of like Make USA great again but I guess the google ads aren’t effective. If you believe that the music today sucks and the talented people are led astray by shitty websites like BandMix and other crap that charge money for hooking up musicians, be the part of this great revolution.

Since google ads aren’t effective, we need to create a hit song, a song that everyone will enjoy. A song that the chicks and the dudes at the night club will bounce to and the chicks and the dudes at the gym will sweat hard to. Well, I have composed, recorded and published the song. Here it is:

Now, we need a drummer, bass player, a vocalist and a rhythm guitar player to form a band, to record a music video for this. Don’t worry, I am willing to put down 10K for the video.

I am looking for people that has the holistic abundance mindset. The band we are going to form is just a publicity stunt to get the name, “bandlocate” out there. This will be a big part of the history. Imagine saving America from shitty music and bringing back the 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s back. Imagine your children having a profile at band locate, showcasing their talent to the world and connecting with like souled people.

America is world famous for the electric guitar. I was 13 when I heard the song, “Sweet Child O Mine” at British Gurkha Academy in Kathmandu, Nepal. That is why I picked up the guitar. In 2012, when I got my American Citizenship, the star spangled banner was played with an electric guitar, during the inauguration ceremony.

Whats going on these days? Video game, porn, VR, Tinder along with crap victimhood music, beats generated by AI. Anyway, I went on a rant there.

I used to be known with a different name, the stage name, “Laran Sihsa” back in my days. Started the musical journey after highschool. Moved out to East LA. I’ve gotten better with age. This was in East LA during my early 20s.

Messing around with a counterfeit Gibson Les Paul in Kathmandu:

I also have a Nepalese song that currently has 40k views and good reviews. There are a lot of Nepalese musical enthusiasts in the DC/Maryland/Virgina location. We can definitely get gigs and exposure in the Nepalese community.

I need to go do the dishes but I shall continue adding more in this blog post soon. Stay blessed.

BTW, after we make our deca million $$$s, lets go climb mount Everest. I’ve already done the research and climbed a smaller mountain. There is no way we are reaching to the top but lets plan to trek up to the Mount Everest Base and return back on a helicopter… Just the 4 or us. Here is my first trekking experience.

Q Are you the creator of this site?


Q You mean you created this whole site?

Yes, while working 2 remote jobs during 2020. I was bored.

Q Why did we not hear about this site before?

A lot of people did. Invested heavy into google ads. Had to wipe all the data off.

Q Why Kathmandu?

Its the natural habitat of talented artists and musicians. The hippies loved it there. When they left, they forgot something behind: The music.

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